FrontEndParty is a monthly meetup in New Orleans for front-end developers and designer professionals.

Are you a developer on the front-end side of things, looking to learn the latest HTML5 / CSS3 Javascript tricks and hacks? Are you a designer who would love a second set of eyes on their latest work, or to talk about the newest design trends and styles?

If this sounds like you, then come join us at the next FrontEndParty and throw your ideas into the mix. We’ll host three 15 minute presentations from developers and designers around New Orleans. Plus it’s free!

Want to present at #FrontEndParty? Submit your talk idea and we'll be in touch.

  • Three 15 minute presentations

    Each meeting will start with three lightning talks about front-end development and design, which should range from 5 to 15 minutes each. Want to talk about Backbone.js? Got some tips on Angular? Opinionated on OOCSS? Looking for design critiques from experienced professionals? We want to see you present! Apply here to talk!

  • Discuss & Network

    After our presentations, we’ll open the room up to general conversation so folks can network with both the speakers and each other. One of our main goals for this meetup is help introduce developers to each other and possibly share ideas / solutions to common front-end development problems.

  • Last Thursday of the month
  • 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Our gracious host for FrontEndParty meetups is Launch Pad, located at 400 Poydras St on the 9th floor in New Orleans (use the Magazine Street entrance).

We'll start the presentations around 7:00pm or so, but feel free to come earlier if you like, the doors should be open.

The last Thursday of the month at Launch Pad at 7:00pm Join The Meetup

Talks For June 27, 2019

Check the Meetup page for details on upcoming meetups